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The DMV band on a mission to bring the funk to the funkless, 

Bring the party to those who forgot how, 

And to bring us all to one love.


We love building products for you


Bass / Vocals

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio I remained there until I join the Army in 1973. Six years later I enter Austin Peay College for 2 years in Clarksville , Tennesse. 

 Moved to Louisville Kentucky to work on the truck assembly line a the Ford Motor Truck assembly plant. 

Laid off in the early 80's I joined one hit wonder Turley Richard and the Numbers and regionally tour with the band for a few years. After Turley retired, we became The Score and continue to tour for 2 more years.

 I was scouted by an agent out of Memphis and offered a house gig with the band MVP at Capt Bilbo's and I remained there until the club was torn down. I took the nucleus of that band and joined the National Artist Agency and toured Nationally until 1998. 

 Worked for the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for nine years retired and I am currently a full-time musician.


Guitar / Vocals

Gio was born in the depths of the jungles at Madagascar. From there, he started his journey into the Caribbean by building his own raft and navigating over 1000 miles against storms, winds, and ocean creatures.  

Once in the Caribbean, he decided to dedicate his life to music and meditation. During his musical journey, he was in touch with Afro-Caribbean influences along with the Rastafari rhythms of Ska and Reggae. He learned to play the guitar from the town shaman and started to experiment with electronic rhythms inspired by his exposure to space observation and metaphysics.

In 2008, his world journey took him to the country of The United States. Here, Gio was exposed to the electric sounds of the 60’s along with jazz influences from the bayou of New Orleans. His sound evolved into a combination of rock with spatial rhythms that would create a wall of sound as ambiance in modern music. He managed to join local bands to further explore the modern sounds of Americana modern music. He played in places like the Howard Theater, The Black Cat, and Jaming Java, exposing his unique style to the locals. Afterwards, he played with many local and foreign artists searching for something different and unique in touch. 

His music still transcends the sounds of the normalcy and is expected to continue to grow and transform into something never heard before.


Drums / Percussion

Born in Los Angeles (when dirt was new)  I obtained a  formal education in Music, Electrical Theory and Electronics.

In the early 70's I traveled the country with a popular top 40 band, "LA Music". backing oldies

groups such as the Platters, Drifters, Coasters, Mary Wells, Al Wilson and others.

The mid 70's would bring a collaboration with school mates that would evolve into a creative blues rock project "Main Squeeze" and command a move from LA to San Francisco for several years. I would close out the 70's back in LA with a chance audition and recording with Ray Charles which would allow me to study with his previous drummer Billy Moore for a year  to strengthen my chart reading.

During the early 80's I toured the West Coast with "Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds" ,  "The

Wobulators" and "The Lew Hopsen's All Stars".  In 1984 I recorded the album "Merry Christmas To You" while touring with Joseph Washington Jr. This would lead to a position with "The Checkmates" in Las Vegas. A collaboration there would spawn the grass roots grunge rock band "G-Man". CBS interest would later promote a recording contract with  A&M records and the band restructured as "Urban Man" . In 1986 the band restructured a third time including a move to Virginia as "Zero Tolerance".  With a new producer we recorded 60 songs at Omega Studios in Maryland until overwhelming interest from Stevie Wonder would actually cause the project to implode from the inside out.

The 90's would find me in Alexandria, Va with the "Johnny Artis Band" for 10 years. We recorded two CD's, "Learn It Live" and "Three Down Down" as well as a tour to Germany.

At the turn of the century I joined "Eric King and The Thin Line" for five years and recorded the album "Shake These Blues". East Coast projects that followed would include "The Rhythm Handlers", "The Marvin James Band", "The Michael Himmle Band", "Doug Parks and the Lone Wolves" all leading up to my current and most favorite endevour                                             


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